Confirmed ESMI Keynote Speaker

Our second keynote speaker has been confirmed. The highly accomplished Professor Adriaan Lammertsma from the Amsterdam University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Total-Body PET2020 officially endorsed by the European Society of Molecular Imaging (ESMI)

The European Society of Molecular Imaging (ESMI) aims to maintain the link between basic science, translational research, first in Man and clinical applications of molecular imaging. Endorsement of the Total-Body PET2020 fits within the Society aim.

Submit your abstract for a chance to win the Molecular Imaging Award by ESMI at the upcoming Total-Body PET2020 conference! Accepted abstracts will also be published in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

Total-Body PET Word Clouds

Check out the two word clouds from the last Total-Body PET brainstorm session at the “PET is Wonderful” Annual Scientific Meeting 2019!

Next Total Body PET workshop at the “PET is Wonderful 2019” Annual Scientific Meeting

On 29/10/2019 there will be a total body PET session held at the “PET is Wonderful” annual meeting at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. It will be opened by an informative talk from Professor Terry Jones followed by a brainstorming session chaired by Dr. Adriana Tavares, Professor Stefaan Vandenberghe and Professor Terry Jones. Come along to hear and share current progress and views on TBPET ahead of TBPET 2020.

Confirmed Keynote Speaker

Our first keynote speaker has been confirmed. The highly accomplished Professor Zahi A. Fayad from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

9 fantastic speakers have now confirmed their attendance at Total-body PET 2020. Its looking to be a good line up, book your space to hear their views and insights into Total-body PET.

Dr. Adriana Tavares (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Dr. Francois Villinger (Emory University, US)

Professor Frank Bengel (Hannover Medical School, Germany)

Professor Joel Karp (University of Pennsylvania, US)

Professor Patricia Price (Imperial College London, UK)

Professor Roel Van Holen (Ghent University, Belgium)

Professor Stefaan Vandenberghe (Ghent University, Belgium)

Professor Terry Jones (UC Davis, USA)

Total-body PET Workshop – Save the date!! And register!

TBPET Workshop 12th-13th of September 2019, Brussels

First Total-body PET 2020 Conference Postcards are out!

20th to 22nd June 2020, Edinburgh, Scotland


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